July 23, 2007
We re on the launch pad, engines poised to roar to life!

Can you stand it?

165 PAID registrations!
112 Members
53 Guests

When you arrive, proceed to the Jefferson Building
(the one on the website home page) to register for the reunion and for your room

Here are answers to some of the questions we’ve been hearing:

  1. Dress? It’s dressy causal. If guys want to wear a tie, that’s fine, if you don’t that’s fine, too! As always with The New Virginians, neatness counts!
  2. Dress for the concert is whatever you wear to the banquet!
  3. Check the schedule page for the final events listing
  4. With so many singers, we will likely trade positions on and off the stage as we sing numbers from your own era.
  5. The concert is open to the public and there’s going to be an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch either Thursday or Friday. SO . . . if your family and friends want to come, we need to know! Tell us at registration, and tell them to COME EARLY. We have no way to gauge excitement, and there is VERY LIMITED seating.
  6. Bring your best Karaoke Voices!
  7. Be thinking about a short history of what you’ve been doing (career, kids, jail time . . . .). We’ll ask you to write it out at registration.
  8. There’s still time to contribute to the cause. Many of you have done so and we appreciate it!
  9. Come prepared to HAVE FUN!

See you soon!!!

Leslie Winn & Tom King, Reunion Co-Chairs

July 17, 2007


165 PAID registrations!
112 Members
53 Guests

Can we hit 200????????

You simply do NOT want to miss this event!
35 years will be but a moment
as we meet, catch-up, reminisce, celebrate and SING!

The resort is already out of double bed rooms,
Only a few King rooms are still available.

If you can’t get a room at the resort,
check the area hotels map link on the home page.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

See you in THREE DAYS!!!

Leslie Winn & Tom King, Reunion Co-Chairs


questions? comments? email reunion@newvirginians.org