Final Schedule of Events… But watch for last minute changes!

OK Gang, remember which end of the plug is the male and which end is the female? Remember how to lay the cables so we confuse the"humitrons?" Still got a crescent wrench? Just to give you a chance to bring all those memories back, we need your help once again. We have pieced together enough equipment but we have no labor to set the stage for the evening's festivities on Saturday night. Soooo, after the little tech's lunch at 11:30 am at DAVE'S FAMOUS BBQ (address on website) we need to pull together one more time to set the audio, lighting and stage in the Ballroom. Heck, we hope to even have a followspot for Gail to run! It will be great to see you all!! - Kit
Friday, July 27
4:00 - 7:00 Register in the lobby of the Jefferson Building (the building pictured on our website home page) Restaurant and bar available at the resort or area restaurants
Free time to visit
7:00 - 9:00 Free time to visit
Band Rehearsal in the Brunswick Room, Madison Building
9:30 - 1:00 Karaoke in The Yellow Tavern Bar & Grill, Madison Building, cash bar
Saturday, July 28
Morning Breakfast on your own
10:00 - Noon Free time to visit
Singers’ rehearsal in the Chesterfield Room, Madison Building
Quiet observers welcome!!
Noon - 3:00 Lunch on your own at the resort or numerous nearby off-site establishments
11:30 Technicians Lunch with Kit,
at Famous Dave'sBarbeque
Phone: 804.264.0356
1:30 Techs set stage for evening dinner and concert. Ballroom, Madison Building. Calling all New Virginian Techs to help as labor is NOT supplied to us.
3:00 - 5:00 Singers’ rehearsal in the Chesterfield Room, Madison Building
Band Rehearsal in The Brunswick Room, Madison Building
Quiet observers welcome!!
4:00-5:00 Combined Sound check -- singers & band in the Ballroom, Madison Building
Quiet observers welcome!!
5:30-6:30 Pre-dinner cocktail hour, cash bar - Ballroom lobby, Madison Building
(Registered members and Guests Only)
6:30-8:00 Dinner, memories and awards - Ballroom, Madison Building
(Registered members and Guests Only)
8:30 Informal concert featuring New Virginian singers and soloists.
Ballroom, Madison Building
Non-registered guest tickets available for $5.00 to capacity of room. Tell friends and family to come EARLY as it’s been advertised, there may be a crowd.
9:30-Midnight Socialize on your own. Karaoke in the Ballroom, Madison Building
Sunday, July 29
Morning Breakfast/Brunch on your own

Contact numbers during the weekend:
Tom King 804-357-7067
Leslie Winn 804-564-5289
Gail Copeland 804-938-9129
Kevin Reynolds 804-241-1003
Beverly Young 804-347-0089
Eleanor Seidel Woodard 302-383-2867
Bill Brown 804-370-6931
Stan & Marilyn 540-314-3186
Kit Bond 702-806-6234


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